MAEYA Amsterdam

MAEYA Amsterdam

MÆYA Amsterdam is founded in 2016 me and my partner Raoel. We are two entrepreneurs with a shared passion for fashion and sustainability. It is an Amsterdam-based label born under the mindset that beautiful products do not have to come at the expense of our environment. By using sustainable materials in a clever way we create unique luxury goods, starting off with the beautiful Icelandic fish- leather.


In the era of disposable fashion, we focus on making true statement pieces - embracing the natural aesthetics of our materials and making sure it is timeless.

Our products are both complex and simple, and they all have an elegant and timeless look. Every piece is made with a lot of care and attention, all made by hand. Therefore our bags are true, sincere craftsmanship.


Sustainability is a process, and we’re learning by doing. Knowing it goes beyond the choice of materials, we’re committed to doing our best, collection after collection.

Logo design 

For this brand I created two logo's: one Wordmark logo and one Icon logo.

It had to be both classic, feminine and modern at the same time so that's why I chose to work with a bold serif in combination with a tight sans serif. 

A glimpse of the LØA Collection
A glimpse of the LØA Collection
A glimpse of the LØA Collection
Lookbook shoot
Some highlights in press

Onpraktisch en duur, toch maken deze studenten tassen van vissenleer

December 31, 2016

Iedereen bij wie ze aanklopten zei dat het bijna onmogelijk was. "Dit is niet te doen, het is het moeilijkste stukje leer, kregen we te horen", zegt Raoel van Groeningen, student bedrijfskunde aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Toch zette hij en drie medestudenten door: ze maken tassen van vissenleer. 

Een tas van vissenleer.

January 20, 2017

Een radio interview met Ischa Moonen achter het merk MAEYA Amsterdam. 

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