Kickstarter Video Campaign

MAEYA Amsterdam

Kickstarter Video​ Campaign

Graduation Project AMFI

For my graduation project I chose to do something for the brand MAEYA I recently created. Because this brand is very young and needs money and brand awareness to grow, a kickstarter campaign was the right stept to take. 


The main question for my research was "How can a Kickstarter campaign generate more brand awareness for the young mid-luxury brand MAEYA Amsterdam?" I did a lot of research on successful and failing kickstarter campaigns and eventually created my own team to make a kickstarter campaign video for MAEYA Amsterdam. 

I went to Iceland to visit the manufacturer of our fish leather and to see and document the beautiful environment that connects with the heritage of the brand. 

The endproduct is a film I created and edited and is soon going to be launched on Kickstarter. As a additional product I made a brand book which tells where the brand stands for and where it strives for in the future. 

Kickstarter Video Campaign
Kickstarter Page Mock-up
Kickstarter Page Mock-up
Brandbook MAEYA Amsterdam
Lookbook Shoot Iceland